Lean Six Sigma

Lean originates from Toyota Production System (TPS) during the Second World War. Lean is applied mainly in manufacturing but now finding its applications in service sector as well. The fundamental principle of lean is elimination of all kind process waste. The primary focus of lean is to achieve speed/flow of service/product delivery time to the customers.
Six Sigma is a disciplined data driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects in a process from manufacturing to transactional and from products to services. Six Sigma originated from Motorola. Six Sigma process improvement approach uses DMAIC approach to define measure, analyze and improve the process and control it in order to sustain the gain. Six Sigma uses a process metric of 3.4 parts per million opportunities.
Factual Solutions© offers in house training and certification in Lean, Six Sigma and a blend of both i.e. Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma certifications included Champions/Executives training, Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt, green belt as well as black belt.

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